For Mom and Son, the Same Birthday is Fun!

Original 1954 ed. -- First Dr, Seuss book in full color.Source:

Original 1954 ed. — For more information on Dr. Seuss collectables, see “First Editions of Dr. Seuss Books: A Guide to Identification” (2002, Helen and Marc Younger, Dan Hirsch)

For me and Kyle – and all of you!

From one of the great poets, Happy Birthday To You is a celebration of YOU – not only on your day of birth, but everyday, in every way. And on those days when you’re just not feeling it? Pull this out and read it ALOUD! It will remind you of how special you really are.

Happy Birthday To You!

“If we didn’t have birthdays,

you wouldn’t be you.

If you’d never been born,

well then what would you do?

If you’d never been born,

well then what would you be?

You might be a fish!

Or a toad in a tree!

You might be a doorknob!

Or three baked potatoes!

You might be a bag full of

hard green tomatoes.”

“Or worse than all that…Why,

you might be a WASN’T!

A Wasn’t has no fun at all.

No, he doesn’t.

A Wasn’t just isn’t.

He just isn’t present.

But you…You ARE YOU!

And, now isn’t that pleasant!”

“Today you are you!

That is truer than true!

There is no one alive…

…who is you-er than you!

Shout loud, “I am lucky

to be what I am!

Thank goodness I’m not

just a clam or a ham

Or a dusty old jar of

sour gooseberry jam!

I am what I am! That’s a

great thing to be!

If I say so myself,


~ Dr. Seuss ~

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8 Responses to For Mom and Son, the Same Birthday is Fun!

  1. Boomdeeadda says:

    Well darn, I missed you big day! Well, Happy Belated Birthday to you both. What a sweet picture you’ve shared too. You know, I just adore Dr Seuss. I find myself Seuss-ing out over my Fairy Garden every now and again, HA. “His style has influenced me, his style is mine I see” 😀

    OK, shouting now….. “I’m lucky to be who I am!!!!” cheers xK

    • moore314 says:

      I’m a Seuss-er too! Thanks. That’s my “baby” – one of the perks is that I can concentrate on making it HIS day, then I don’t have to age!

  2. seeker says:

    Dr. Seuss writing is just wonderful. I am what am… that’s how we should celebrate birthdays, Happy Birthday to me. Good one.

  3. YunitaGena says:

    quite funny but it’s true. i won’t be a reptile, yakssss.

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