Book Crossing with Vintage Books

Book Crossing Label

Book Crossing Label

Ever feel like Rumpelstiltskin? Asleep at the wheel of life for a very long time? Well, that describes my last decade and probably why I, a book fanatic, hadn’t heard of Book Crossing until the other day. Intrigue, sharing, mystery, connections, saving books *yay* — I’ve been missing out!

Developed in 2001, Book Crossing, considered the World’s Library, is a unique way to share/shed your unwanted books. On the flip side, it’s also a way to acquire free books and maybe connect with fellow book lovers! Sure, donating and borrowing books is not a new concept; but, Book Crossing allows you to follow, or track, the “life” of a book. I absolutely love that idea. One of the great wonders I find behind vintage books is the thought of the hands and homes through which those books have traveled. Social media at its tangible core.

You can find the nitty-gritty about the process at Book Crossing. I’ve signed up and now I just have to choose my first vintage book to release in the wild, as they say at BC; log in the book to receive a unique ID number; attach one of their downloadable labels (or write up my own on paper); and, choose a place to leave it for the next lucky recipient. I’ll post when the deed is done and updates on the book’s adventures.

Has anyone experienced Book Crossing? Thoughts on this concept?


To my loyal followers: I’m awakened, refreshed, healthy and looking forward to posting and visiting your blogs again! I will be privately contacting some of you shortly ~ Colleen ~

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3 Responses to Book Crossing with Vintage Books

  1. Yuna says:

    Reading how it works carefully. sounds good 😀

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