Connect the Blogs: Indonesia’s Orange Rose

roseorangeOne of the great advantages to blogging is the chance to connect with people from all over the world. Some from far-away lands and cultures that I can only dream to lay feet upon. One such blogger is Yuna in her Little Orange World, a young women who lives in Indonesia; loves books, challenges, adventures, oh…and, the color orange! Today, I’m sharing Yuna’s post…

My Childhood Bookshelves

Yuna takes a look at the vintage books she’s treasured as a child. I thoroughly enjoyed the short reviews and a peek into the cultural and social aspects of a young Indonesian girl and what reading has meant to her.

So I asked her: why orange? Paraphrasing, she writes that yellow is cheerful and bright and red is strong and brave; orange is the perfect muted mix of the two. Yuna is all that!

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6 Responses to Connect the Blogs: Indonesia’s Orange Rose

  1. Yuna says:

    Good Morning Moore (Middle Indonesia’s Time, GMT +8),
    Wow, thank you, what a sweet tittle. i love this post, i love the rose’s picture, that’s precisely the color of orange that i love the most.
    Thank you for posting a nice thing about me, i really appreciate it and I’m honored.

    Have a wonderful day 🙂

  2. seeker says:

    Welcome back! Thank you for the nudge. I hope all is well with you. Currently I have post that are pre-programed because I am doing the Camino Santiago Walk. I have plenty of comments to respond and I thought I’ll fill you in just in case you will wonder why I am not responding. Good to hear from you.

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