6 Super Cool Bookshelf Ideas

Click  pic for source

Now that’s handy! Click pic for source

You may know my motto about books: don’t throw them out! OK, so now what? You have books laying about, in piles, making dust bunnies, or soldiered up in line formation in your boring IKEA bookshelf. I’ve got news for you…shh…your books are bored too.

Spice it up! Give them some new digs. Show your friends your not just an intellect; you have an artistic side, too.  Here are some super cool bookshelf ideas that I’ve come across. They look to me like very doable DIY projects. Use your imagination!

The hands are a hoot. Maybe use this as a themed bookshelf: work gloves holding up building-related books. How about garden gloves? I’m actually thinking of doing a shelf like this in my kitchen with cook books and oven mitts. Kitschy?

Corner bookshelf made with piping. Click pic for source.

Corner bookshelf made with piping. Click pic for source.

I love the idea of vintage books displayed in an industrial-like setting with this piping work, especially against the distressed brick background. Or mix old volumes with new for the ultimate eclectic urban meets chic look.

The ax-man cometh, below. This bookshelf is a bit of an illusion. First, the shelves appear to have graduated widths and I don’t believe the weight is completely supported by the axes. The shelves would have to be fastened to the wall separately and the handles attached for effect. And quite an effect it is! Change it up: I’m seeing a sports theme with bats; or hockey, lacrosse or pool sticks. For the kids or make it retro!


Where’s the fire! Click pic for source.

The tree of knowledge.

Tree of Knowledge. No source available

The tree of knowledge. This may be my favorite, although I’m not sure how easy this project would be compared to the others. No search turned up a source, therefore, no how-to! But isn’t it gorgeous? Great for a child’s room as well as for adults. My dream here is a tree-shaped bookshelf that would cover an entire wall. Now, that would be super cool.

Flower power, below.  Wow. What a statement. The process seams self-explanatory. Grab some wooden boxes, attach them to the wall in a super cool flower design and show off your favorite books in style!


A book by any other name… No source

Finally, below, I leave you with a super easy DIY bookshelf project with simple pictorial instructions. Float your novels and poetry tomes for eye-catching “shelf-less” bookshelves. Now, get busy. Your books will love you for it!


Happy Reading 🙂

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13 Responses to 6 Super Cool Bookshelf Ideas

  1. lruthnum says:

    I am absolutely in love with the Tree of Knowledge one – amazing! As a book lover and slight obsessive… I am loving your blog and looking forward to reading more! xx

    • moore314 says:

      I know – isn’t that bookshelf gorgeous! I’ve got to do that someday. Thank you for your kind words! Glad to have you. I took a quick peek at “your place” and I’m looking forward to finding what it’s all about. Colleen 🙂

  2. Oh wow, those are ingenious. My favorite is the Tree of Knowledge. Great post!

  3. Reblogged this on My Story Blog and commented:
    My Virtual Monthiversary Gift to all of you!

  4. Yuna says:

    Hi Moore,
    i love this post, really.
    i’ve been collecting any bookshelf idea. i already have the tree. The hand is super cool and maybe i’ll have the last one. 😀

  5. These are more than cool! I am amazed by some people’s imagination. May I reblog this on my Story Board?

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