Connect the Blogs: The Past from Over There

paralleluniTime for another Connect the Blogs. This one is extra special!

I’ve just recently watched the final episode of Fringe. Yes, I know, late to the party, blah blah blah. Thanks to Amazon Prime, I was able to watch all five seasons over this last year. God, I love that Walter. If you’ve seen the show, you’ll understand when I say that today’s blog connection is spawned from my alternate universe; my other blog, that is, where I have a completely different avatar and screen name. I’ll mention my alter cyber ego to my therapist, but for now, let me introduce you to A Small Press Life.

Originally, I was going to post about another gift idea for yourself 😉 or the vintage book lover in your life, inspired by this post from A Small Press Life. It is just one in a series of Holiday Shopping posts if you’re searching for fabulous book/literary related gifts. I intended to hone in on just one shop, Out of Print Clothing, but Mae has done such a great job, and with more to offer, that I realized I should introduce her entire blog to you over here!

Mae (maedez) is a writer devoted to the principles of great literature and publication, for all the right reasons. A Small Press Life is vintage—in part, but not entirely—because many of the posts introduce you to, or remind you of, great authors of the past in the form of short bio tidbits, quotes, and wonderful images and videos, like this little gem; an interview clip with Ian Fleming on how he came up with the name “James Bond.” Fascinating to me both as a writer and fan of the classics.

As an old-book lover, I always look forward to the time travel bursts from A Small Press Life. Don’t just be an Observer! Take the leap, you won’t be disappointed 🙂

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4 Responses to Connect the Blogs: The Past from Over There

  1. seeker says:

    I found something in her site, Voices from the grave quite interesting. As for books, as much as I want to keep them, no room in my simple sanctuary. Library is what I am using now. I am currently reading A year and a day.
    Thank you for introducing another site, Colleen. You are just a gold mine and mind.

  2. I loved Fringe. Was totally hooked. Thanks for introducing us to Mae’s site. 🙂

  3. maedez says:

    Thanks so much for this gorgeous, kind post. I appreciate it very much. Have a wonderful day.

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