Do you know me?

My thoughts on Sandy Hook and kindness…

Slow Writer

Do you know me?

I feed the soul,

warm the heart,

shine the light in

corners dark.

Of me they doubt &

the world is blind, ‘less

you bring me out. I am

the act of kindness.


I’ve always considered myself a kind person. I know an act of kindness when I see it. I penned this poem with the thought of Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, CT and the 26 Acts of Kindness movement it forged. The title, “Do you know me,” is asked of the meaning of kindness, but it can also be asked of the victims.  In writing this morning, I realized it had an even deeper connection.

Let me tell you about Glenn. For twenty years he lived across from me, in a two-street neighborhood of townhouses. The homes are connected, in sets of four to six, so we are physically close. It’s…

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