Vintage, antique, shabby chic, old books. I’m a self-proclaimed lover of the printed word on paper, bound between boards – old and new, hard and soft – often with fantastic illustrations or photography. I like the tactile sensation of turning a page, the sweet faint musty aroma that cannot be satisfied with an electronic device.

It may be a generational thing, but it saddens me that any book should be thrown to the trash, especially the old ones that hold so much history in their creation, publication and usage. When holding an 18th or 19th century book in my hands, I sometimes like to imagine what the people before me, that held the very same book, thought about the reading. History and nostalgia at its best.

I have three adult children with their iphones, ipads and idontnowhats, and my first grand baby (yay) that I’m bound and determined to give as many books to as possible. I’m not against electronic reading, for any reading is a good thing. I watch newspapers, magazines and brick-and-mortar bookstores fold under the weight of the modern world. The Vintage Book Fairy is my little corner of the book world where I attempt to salvage, repurpose and discuss vintage books, pages and illustrations.

Please enjoy!


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  2. maedez says:

    Thanks for the follow. I am excited to delve into your blog. It looks wonderful.

  3. What a great find!
    Have only browsed through some posts but find them interesting and thought provoking with a smile in the background…love it 🙂
    You have a new follower!

  4. Hi Colleen, what a beauty of a blog you have. I love the written word too, especially the printed word–there are few smells in the world that are yummier than the smell of a book spine. A friend once inscribed in a book of Whitman poetry, “I hope you love this book enough to pass it on.” I thought him silly at the time, because I loved it too much to ever give it away, but turns out that is the ultimate act of love. To give away what you hold dearest, so that it can bring the same love and joy to others.

    So nice to meet you via Victoria, stop by to share your words anytime.

    • moore314 says:

      Hi Christy! Isn’t Victoria a sweetheart?
      I wanted to thank you so much for your kind words, the likes, and for following! I agree with your take on a book’s unique aroma. I’ll take a used bookstore over a new one any day. That inscription you received is precious and thoughtful. I feel the same way as you – it’s so hard to give them away! It sounds silly, but they all mean something to me. I’ve working on opening an Etsy store to sell used books and I feel that I have to at least read them all before letting them go! That’s impossible and my kids are threatening to call the producers of Hoarders. 🙂 (Hey, that sounds like a good post!) I’m actually having a difficult time right now choosing a book to give away for the Book Crossings program. I have to do a follow up post about that soon, too.
      I’ve only taken a quick preview of your blog, but I love the premise and I can’t wait to dig in!
      To new friendships — Colleen

  5. Sending love and well wishes for a great weekend. I’ll be back soon to catch up. I’m still in recovery/brain overload mode. lol

  6. Hello, thank you too! and me, ı am really bad at writing and reading to so why ı am painting:)

  7. Thank you Colleen. I’ve had mixed feelings, but over all, I feel honored and humbled by it all. It certainly gives me some validation. I was stunned with what the editor wrote me. She said, and I quote: “Your work is fantastic and will change peoples’ lives. I feel fortunate to have found your blog. Keep writing!”

  8. Pssst….I’m only sharing this with my best buds on WP, but on Thursday, I was contacted by the WordPress editor that my vulnerability post is going to be Freshly Pressed. 😀 I think it’s just now hitting me. LOL Not sure when it will be pressed but most likely it will be around the first of the week, perhaps tomorrow or Monday.

    If you want me to delete any personal comments you made on that thread, let me know, cuz a heck of a lot of people will be reading them.

    Hope you had a great weekend. I love Fall.

  9. lovinchelle says:

    Lad u are back lil fairy

  10. Colleen, I am so doing the happy dance right now. It’s wonderful to see you, and thanks so much for popping in my 2nd blog. I’ve been majorly multi-tasking, but plan to respond to your comments after I decompress and recover from my last blog entry, lol. That one was like giving birth — well almost.

    Did I tell you how happy I am to see you? 😀


    • moore314 says:

      Hugs back to ya! You make me smile. No rush on the comments. Get some rest. I’m turning in soon myself. I would do a happy dance, but I’m too friggen tired!

  11. phaerygurl says:

    Hear, hear! I too love the printed word, though I have to support Kindle since my very talented hubby has published his books on there. They are, however, fantasy-based, and very good reads (yeah, I know, I’m biased, but really, they’re awesome!). Anyway, hubby actually got me the two Alice in Wonderland volumes in a hardcover book that looks all old-fashioned, and even has a red ribbon bookmark. Sweet!

    • moore314 says:

      Thanks for the comment! Sorry for the late reply, been under the weather. As for Alice? One of my absolute favorites – sweet hubby!

      • phaerygurl says:

        I know the feeling. I’m currrently under the weather and dealing with a death in the family. I’ve got a whole Pinterest board dedicated to Alice!

        • moore314 says:

          Oh my gosh! Please send me your Pinterest link. I also have my own Board dedicated. Also, I am so very sorry for your loss and I hope you are feeling better soon.

        • phaerygurl says:

          Here’s my Pinterest page:

          My first board is my card shop on Etsy. I also sell supplies through Memory Works, and use my blog to show my own work and drum up interest in scrapping for other people.

  12. *Waves to Colleen* Been thinking about cha.. Hope you had a great weekend.
    Here’s something to get your endorphins a flowin’. 😀 http://youtu.be/4Ri5cszSKEg

  13. seeker says:

    Hi Colleen:
    Another award for you: Shine On and Tag Awards
    Thank you.

  14. Alex says:

    Thank you for the follow, all the best!

  15. andy1076 says:

    There’s no comparison to holding a book and turning pages with your hand right? 🙂 thank you for following my blog 🙂

  16. literary lew says:

    At some point I hope you share more about your academic career, especially re sociology…

  17. literary lew says:

    Thanks for checking out my blog and I do hope you come back for a closer look. Yes, it is a bit “heavy” at times but I’m trying to lighten up occasionally lest I become a hopeless, pontificating bore! (This “comment” might be duplicative. I’ve had some problems responding recently in this context.)

  18. Hi Moore, thank you for the follow and for taking the time to read my annoyingly long posts. *grins* I must confess that i don’t read as many books as I used too, but I do read a good bit everyday, online. There was a time, not long ago, when I was reading 4 or 5 books at the same time, and did for most of my adult life. Barnes and Noble loved me. LOL

    I tend to prefer non-fiction. The main reason I have turned to the Internet for most of my reading now is because peer-reviewed studies and research articles are available to me at the click of a mouse—it doesn’t take up storage in my home (tons of books already)—and…well…it’s more cost effective. 😀

    It’s a pleasure to meet you, and I look forward to diving into your blog as time permits..

    • moore314 says:

      Wholeheartedly agree! My bookmark page is overflowing and I would not have the ironic opportunity to share my love for the tangible connection from old books without modern technology. Go figure. 🙂

  19. seeker says:

    What’s really interesting who were the people who held these books. Nothing can replace a good hardcover book. I’m old school. I’m really struggling reading the fine prints in the computer. And Welcome to the blogging world.

  20. Boomdeeadda says:

    Really, I think I could have penned this myself. I’m so addicted to the printed word and vintage images, I once bought a monthly magazine I thought I had to have, only to find I already had it at home….LOL. Has this ever happened to you? Thanks so much for stopping at Boomdeeadda today. I appreciate it!

  21. YunitaGena says:

    hi Moore,
    thank you for following me. i think this is a nice introduction. we are in the same line about printed book. 🙂
    so, i hope you enjoy blogging and continue posting about vintage book. it’s kind of interesting interest of your.

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