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Who’s Afraid of Lebanon’s ‘al-Sa`eh Library’?

Originally posted on ArabLit & ArabLit Quarterly:
On Friday night, a historic bookshop in Lebanon’s northern city of Tripoli was burned, destroying thousands or perhaps tens of thousands of books and manuscripts. Today, salvage efforts have begun: Although several news…

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Do you know me?

Originally posted on Slow Writer:
The souls of Sandy Hook Do you know me? I feed the soul, warm the heart, shine the light in corners dark. Of me they doubt & the world is blind, ‘less you bring me…

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You Should Date a Girl Who Reads

Originally posted on Ash & Acorn:
(Image source) I found this purely by accident, and thought I would share. “You should date a girl who reads. Date a girl who reads. Date a girl who spends her money on books…

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